Pillow Bumper Mint White-Grey Stars


New product

Cotton bumper made of 6 pillows

Safe: made of certified cotton, with Anti-Allergy filling
The set consists of: 6 pillows 35x35 cm

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140 PLN Tax included

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Original bed bumper set made of 6 pillows 35x35cm. Each pillow is made from 100% Polish cotton, filled with anti-allergic siliconised ball fibre, and has 8 ribbons attached to tie it to the cot.

Pillows can be arranged in different ways, so that it protects the baby, and makes the bedroom a joyful place.

Pillows can also be used as a standard headrest in older children's bed.

They can be used separately or be tied together in form of the mattress.

You will find different patterns for that product in our bedding section.

Pillows colours:

  • white-grey stars (2 pillows)
  • grey owl (2 pillows)
  • mint (2 pillows)

Ribbon colour: white dots on grey background
Composition: 100% cotton
Filling:anti-allergic siliconised ball fibre

May be cleaned in a washing machine, initial water temperature should not exceed 30°C

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