Estrellitas Marino/Navy

New product

A carpet full of stars

Carpet for children’s room
Made of high quality soft acrylic
The product is AITEX certified
Non-toxic dyes

Available in 3 sizes

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1 045 PLN Tax included

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Estrellitas Marino/Navy


  • The product meets all the quality and safety standards for kids in compliance with the AITEX certificates.
  • Made in Spain.

Washing and Care Instructions

  • For full cleaning of the rug we recommend to go to specialized professionals.
  • Do not worry if fluff appears.
  • It is helpful to sweep the rug with a stiff broom in the direction of the fluff for the first few days. After that, a vacuum cleaner should be used.
  • To take care of it correctly, frequent vacuuming is recommended.

Specific stains

  • 1. Do not allow the stain to dry. If it is solid and dry, rub and brush it.
  • 2. Apply cleaning product and gently rub. Ensure that the product used does not discolor the rug by testing it on a corner.
  • 3. Then apply warm water with a sponge and rub.
  • 4. It is important to thoroughly dry it.
  • 5. Gently brush the area that was stained.
Dispatch 1 week

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