This Privacy Policy determines the principles for collecting, processing and using personal data obtained from you through the FactoryForKids online store run at (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") by E-WALK.PL, ul. Jana Uphagena 27, 80-237 Gdańsk (hereinafter referred to as the “Online Store”).

What kind of data does the Online Store collect automatically while using the Website?

The Online Store does not collect any data automatically except the data contained in the cookie files while using the Website. Cookie files are small text files sent by the Online Store and stored on your computer which contain some information related to your activities while using the Website and the Online Store. The cookie files are used by the Online Store for servicing the Website and providing you with interesting information as well as during the purchasing procedure, e.g. for remembering your purchases. The cookies used by the Online Store may be temporary or persistent. Temporary cookies are deleted once the browser is closed, while persistent cookies remain saved also after you stop using the Website and are used for storing information such as your login or password, which makes using the Website easier and quicker. In any event you can block cookies installation or delete persistent cookie files by adjusting appropriate settings of your Internet browser.

What kind of data does the Online Store collect during registration and purchase procedures?

The Online Store will collect the following personal information from you through the Website and other forms of communication, in case you decide to place an order and register on the Website:

  1. Surname and first name,
  2. Home address or company seat address (delivery address),
  3. e-mail address,
  4. telephone number,

The giving of the above data is optional but it is necessary to carry out the registration and purchase procedures within the Website. You have the right to access and modify the contents of your personal information. In order to exercise the right mentioned above you can use appropriate options of your account or send a request for the change of your personal information at the following address:

FactoryForKids Newsletter

Provided you have given your permission (signing up for the newsletter), your e-mail address will be used for product marketing by E-WALK.PL company and its partners. You may withdraw your permission at any time.

Access to information

In order to perform the agreement the Online Store may release the data collected from you to their cooperating entities. The data released shall be limited to the minimum amount required.

Transaction data within the scope necessary for the services related to payment for the order, including personal information may be released to:

  •, Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A. (National Payment Integrator Joint Stock Company) seated in Poznań, ul. Św. Marcin 73/6, 61-808, KRS number: 0000412357

Personal information within the scope necessary for the services related to shipping of the order may be released to:

  • General Logistics Systems Poland Sp. z o.o. (GLS) seated in Głuchowo, ul. Tęczowa 10, 62-052 Komorniki, KRS number: 000000500

Moreover, the information provided by you may be released to the competent public authorities if required by applicable law.

Technical measures

The Online Store shall make all possible efforts to protect your data and secure them against improper usage of third parties. We take all necessary measures to secure the servers, the connections and the Website in order to protect your data. All connections related to registration on the Website and performance of your electronic payment, in case such option is selected, shall be performed by a secure encrypted connection.

Questions and reservations

Any questions and reservations related to this Privacy Policy may be sent to: