Welcome to Factory For Kids!

We are an internet store full of beautiful collections to brighten up your children's rooms. You will find here a variety of elements - from elegant furniture, all sorts of bedding, carpets to wooden toys.

What distinguishes us is high quality of offered products. We pick our products carefully so that they match, and allow you to combine them and create unique, cozy and safe place for your child.

We also choose our suppliers carefully. We cooperate with manufacturers like Amaloo, Lorena Canals, Bellamy or Planeco.

If you have any questions, or would like to cooperate with us, please don't hesitate, and contact us.

The owner of the Factoryforkids store is E-WALK.PL, a company present on the market for over ten years, seated in Gdańsk and entered into the Central Registration and Information on Business, Tax ID number (NIP): 957-073-36-90 (check entry in CEiIDG - Central Registration and Information on Business).

You can contact us: